Hello, I am

Aiden Sealey

UI/UX Designer and Graphic Designer

Aurora Game Studios

Art Director 

Stardock Games

UI/UX Designer

About Me

Hey there, I’m Aiden (he/him). I found my calling as a UI/UX Designer and Graphic Designer, combining my love for gaming with my eye for design.

My journey began at the University of Central Lancashire, where I delved into the exciting realm of game design. I graduated in 2020 with a Bachelor of Arts degree and obtained a further Master of Arts in 2021.

Being Co-Founder and Art Director at Aurora Game Studios has been a dream. Here, I get to lead and collaborate with incredibly talented artists, shaping the visuals that breathe life into our games. I am solely responsible for creating the user interface for our latest game, Skye: The Misty Isle – crafting interfaces that allow our players to explore the vast and immersive worlds we all work so hard to create. I am also the single person behind designing our logos, branding, and website – a dynamic project that I consistently nurture and enhance, ensuring it reflects our evolving vision and resonates with our community.

Beyond Aurora Game Studios, I’m fortunate to freelance as a UI/UX Designer and Consultant for Stardock Games. It’s an exciting opportunity to envision and develop innovative UI concepts that balance functionality, usability, and artistic flair. It’s a privilege to work so closely with their brilliant team, and to play even a small part in their journey.

My passion for gaming runs deep, and it has been my comfort since I was young. Whether it was escaping into fantastical worlds or finding focus through my ADHD hyper-fixations, games have been my refuge. As a transgender man, they have offered me a way to explore new personas and discover my true self. I can now take pride in creating interfaces that bridge the connection between player and game and help others to find relief in alternate realities through my designs. Through my artistry and dedication, I aspire to make a lasting impact in the gaming industry, touching hearts and igniting imaginations one game at a time.

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe XD
Unreal Engine