Hello, I am

Aiden Sealey

User Interface Artist and Graphic Designer

Aurora Game Studios

Art Director 

Stardock Games

UI Designer

About Me

Hi, my name is Aiden Sealey (he/him) and I am a UI Artist.

I am the Art Director and Co-Founder of start-up indie game developer, Aurora Game Studios. I am solely responsible for the user interface of our newest game, Skye. In addition to this, I created our logos, branding and website, which I regularly update and improve. I am also working freelance as a UI Designer and Consultant to Stardock Games. I am responsible for creating user interface concepts for the Stardock team to expand on and implement into their games.

I studied game design at the University of Central Lancashire, graduating in 2020 with a Bachelor of Arts degree and again in 2021 with a Master of Arts degree.

I always found it difficult to plan my future. So at university when my passion for games met my eye for design, I fell into my career naturally. My passion comes from a life-long love of playing games. From a young age I have always found myself lost in fantasy worlds, whether due to ADHD hyper-fixations or escapism as a young transgender man. I find, as a lot of others do, that gaming always took me away from difficult realities and allowed me to explore vast worlds in a new persona. I now take pride in my ability to bridge the connection between player and game using interfaces that allow others that same exciting escape from reality.

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe XD
Unreal Engine