The first castle I researched is Alnwick Castle in the North East of England. I have personally visited this castle multiple times and this was the first place I thought of when I was given the brief.

Alnwick Castle is a 14th Century Keep surrounded by a (now empty) moat. There are both inner and outer Baileys and ramparts on the outer walls. The gate was refortified in the 15th Century and various towers have been rebuild or repaired between the 14th – 19th Centuries. The walls and towers have extensive views of the surrounding area and have a good view of the River Aln.

Alnwick Castle is most famous for its role as Hogwarts School in the Harry Potter films, The Philosopher’s Stone and The Chamber of Secrets.

I chose this castle due to its use of sections within the structure. The castle’s inner and outer Baileys are a great idea defensively as it allows a backup position for the inhabitants if the outer wall is breached. I may use this idea in my design in order to create a fallback defence against attackers in the game, should the player fail to defend the outer wall.

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