The second castle I researched is Bodiam Castle in the South of England. This was one of the first results on google images and I was drawn to it for its compact structure and near impenetrable defences.

Bodiam Castle is a 14th Century Keep surrounded by a large moat. The large gatehouse still holds the original wooden portcullis and the interior ruins of the castle are still intact enough to allow visitors to explore the structure and to see how the castle was built.

Bodiam Castle was originally built to protect England’s south coast from raids by French armies.

I chose this castle due to its huge moat. The castle’s extensive moat is brilliant as it gives archers or other long range weapons a clear view over the surrounding area. According to architects, the original design for the moat also enhanced the castle’s aesthetics. By flattening the land around, the sheer size of the castle had more of an impact, both intimidating attackers and impressing allies. I may use a similar idea in my build in order to create an aesthetically pleasing design whilst making it difficult for enemies to access.

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