I tried to include a variety of features from each of the castles I researched.

I included a moat in my castle design and took inspiration for this from Bodiam Castle. Bodiam is built in the middle of a huge body of water and, although I did not create a moat as large, I believe that using a moat was a great way to implement the drawbridge required by the brief. It gives the drawbridge a purpose in terms of both game objectives and realistic castle defences. 

I also included 2 layers in my castle design and took inspiration for this from Alnwick Castle. Alnwick has an inner and outer Bailey and is built to keep its residents safe in the event of a wall breach. I used a similar idea to this as I created an outer wall and inner keep in my castle design. I think this was a good idea as it splits my game up into levels and allows the player to explore different environments.

I did not include any aspects of Neuschwanstein. I initially attempted to build my castle on a mountain but I didn’t like the way it looked. It seemed really out of place as I wasn’t allowed to landscape properly or include trees/foliage to blend the castle with the surrounding environment. Its placement on the mountain also made it difficult to create the moat I needed for my drawbridge. I eventually discarded this idea and placed my castle on a flat landscape and created a mountain-scape around the edges of the world to give some background and depth to the game.

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