Our first play test was run with the following rules applied:

– We started with four playable factions in case we wouldn’t have time to create all six. The factions were: Imperials, Stormcloaks, Thieves Guild or Dark Brotherhood.

– All players would start with one Hold, and would have 2 dice.

– Players were able to capture Settlements, allowing a player to take another die per Settlement taken.

– To capture a Settlement, players would need to engage in a fight with the random encounter deck or with another player who already owns the Settlement.

– A player is able to win by landing on the Throat of the World, and rolling a 20 (minimum of 4 dice needed).


The game worked well but still had its flaws. The play time was unexpectedly short as all the territories were within a very short distance and having 2 dice made it very easy to move across the board. On top of this, the combat system was fairly weak as the Random Encounters were too easy to kill. Also, the endgame was anticlimactic as there was no sense of achievement upon winning.

 We used this play test to improve our game again. The changes are listed below:

– We improved the Random Encounter stats as they were too weak and often too easy to defeat.

– We made smaller Settlements and spaced them more randomly as the existing Settlements took up too much space and were too easy to reach in a short amount of moves.

– Players now start with only one die as two dice made movement too quick and the game too short.

– We improved the combat method too as, initially we had a “best of 3 system” however this was hard to keep track of so we changed this so that whoever beats all 3 of their opponents cards first wins.

– We also added Dragon cards and Throat of the World Battles to create a more interesting finale. A player must use their entire deck to beat 5 Dragons in a fight in order to win. On top of this, if two players reach the Throat of the World simultaneously, they will have to fight each other first to see who will go up against the Dragons.

– We brought in blank tiles in an attempt to make the board more difficult to traverse. Players will not be allowed to land blank tiles and will need to travel around them.

– Alduin. We initially had an idea that we weren’t too sure on, and would require testing. The plan was that if any player rolled two or more of the same dice, Alduin would move one step closer to Skyrim. If he reaches the board before anyone wins, all players lose and Skyrim is lost.

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