Map Ideas

1. First Draft
This was the first Photoshop version we created but we didn’t like this as we realised that the 6 factions were not equally spaced from the Throat of the World.

2. Settlement Test
We added the first idea for settlements on the board and we downloaded the Skyrim fonts for use in our game.

3. Hand Drawn
This was the first draft of what the new map was going to look like. This was a visual representation of the shape and placements of key locations on the board.

4. Basic Print
We created a version of the hand drawn map on Photoshop and equally spaced the starting positions/Holds. We then decided to add settlements for players to take over to gain more dice.

5. Number Idea
We experimented with numbered tiles so that the players would have more difficulty crossing the map.

6. Digital Version
After many days in Photoshop and after even more changes, we eventually created the final board that would be sent to print.

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