Guardians of the Galaxy – Vol. 2

My second choice of scene for this brief was the opening credit scene in Guardians of the Galaxy – Vol. 2. I loved this scene for so many reasons, mainly its ridiculousness that Baby Groot can be carefree enough to dance around while the rest of the Guardians fight the Abilisk. I also really love the music choice in this scene and I think it fits the upbeat, comedic tones of the films.

Again, I decided not to use this scene either. As interesting as it would be to play as the Guardians to kill the Abilisk while having to simultaneously protect Baby Groot, the fight takes place essentially in an arena. With the exception of the batteries, a few crates and Rocket’s speakers, there really is no content to include in the top down design. Like Return of the King, this would be very difficult to make into an interesting map so therefore I decided against using this scene.

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