Lord of the Rings: Return of the King

When given this brief, this was the first scene that came to mind. The final battle in Return of the King is definitely one of my favourite movie scenes of all time! Aragorn’s speech is enough to give anyone chills and it really sets up the moment perfectly. It sums up the mutual feelings shared by the heroes and shows that they are willing to die to give Frodo and Sam time to destroy the One Ring in Mount Doom and save Middle Earth from Sauron.

As much as I love this scene, I decided not to use it for my top down brief as it would be extremely difficult to create an interesting top down map. The battle takes place on the plains outside the Black Gate. This would essentially be a blank page framed by some mountains and an open gate at the sides when translated into a top down design. This would be very difficult to make into an interesting map so therefore I decided against using this scene.

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