The Maze Runner

Concluding from my previous two ideas, I needed a scene with a more complex layout. I instantly thought of the Maze Runner. This is one of my favourite films ever and I realised that it would be perfect for this brief. I will be using the ‘Night In The Maze’ scene where Thomas and Minho must survive the night in the maze against the Grievers. This scene is amazing due to its tension. The pure terror of Thomas and Minho mixed with the soundtrack, the dark setting of the scene and the mysterious and deadly nature of the Grievers puts anyone watching on the edge of their seat.

The player would take the role of Thomas and would have to survive the night. The progression of the scene would allow the use of set objectives to achieve throughout the night, such as: hiding Alby’s body in the ivy and outrunning the Griever as the maze changes and the walls close in. A Five Nights At Freddy’s timed survival aspect could even be added due to the similar concept of surviving the night. The top down design would be extremely complex but would make for an amazing layout and would allow for multiple escape routes from the Grievers. This scene is absolutely perfect for the brief and I will definitely continue to work on this idea.

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