The Maze Runner (2014) is a film based on James Dashner’s
novel The Maze Runner (2009). The story is set in a post apocalyptic setting. Earth has been destroyed by a huge solar flare which triggered a deadly virus called the ‘Flare’. An organisation of scientists known as ‘WCKD’ or ‘Wicked’ dedicated themselves to testing young people and children who show signs of
resistance to the virus. The story follows a sixteen year old boy named Thomas who wakes up in an elevator with no memory of who he is. He soon learns that he has been sent to join a large number of boys (Gladers) who have also been sent to the same place. They have been put in the centre of a huge maze and have had to create a very basic settlement , rules and a society of their own, this settlement is called the ‘Glade’. While building the Glade, the boys continually attempt to find their way out of the ever changing maze. However, the boys can only explore the maze during the day as the doors to the Glade close at night and “no one survives a night in the maze”. The maze contains creatures called ‘Grievers’ which are half insect, half machine and are designed to kill the Gladers to prevent them from escaping. The Grievers sting
their victims with a dose of the Flare in order to test the boys’ ability to survive the virus. Eventually, the boys fight their way out of the maze and go on to escape and take down WCKD due to their inhumane testing. Their story continues into 2 more films, The Scorch Trials and The Death Cure.

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