During the film, the Grievers begin to sting the boys in the
glade, during the day. One of the boys, Ben, is stung and becomes infected with the Flare, becoming a danger to the rest of the Gladers. He is therefore banished into the maze and left to the Grievers overnight. The next day, Alby, leader of the Gladers, and Minho, leader of the Runners (the boys who explore the maze) decide to run the maze to find any trace of Ben. While out, Alby gets stung and, in his weakened state, slows them down. They make to the final path up to the door but do not make it before it closes. Thomas, still curious about the maze, breaks the Gladers rules and runs out to meet Alby and Minho, making it out just before the door closes. Thomas and Minho manage to hide Alby’s body
by suspending and burying him in the ivy that covers the walls of the maze. Thomas and Minho must then survive the night against the Grievers with no way back into the safety of the Glade until morning.

This ‘Night In The Maze’ scene is the one I will be using
for this brief.

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