This level is designed to be part of a larger game based on the Maze Runner film. The scene covers the Night in the Maze scene and will allow the player a lot of freedom to navigate the maze as they see fit. There is no way to limit player movement if they are attempting to escape the Grievers trying to sting them.

First, the players are shown the scene where Thomas runs out
of the Glade doors and the dialogue from the film, between Thomas and Minho occurs. The players start by the door to the Glade and must work together to hide Alby. They will have to carry him together (slowing them down) and they will need to find an ivy coated wall. They must then lift Alby by creating a pulley system out of vines in order to hide him in the ivy coating the wall. Both players will have to manoeuvre around the maze creating minimal noise. The players must then navigate the maze undetected by Grievers. They have the ability to sneak or crawl so when Grievers are near, players can remain undetected. The Grievers’ clicking sound can be heard faintly when one is near but this clicking will become louder and faster the closer the Griever is. If noticed, players must run through the maze in an attempt to break the line of sight with a Griever, they can do this by running to create enough distance, climbing ivy to reach the level above or sliding through gaps in the walls. Once the line of sight is broken, a player may then hide in small shrubs or under ivy in order to lose the Griever. If the players survive until 5am, a small cut scene will be triggered where a Griever sees Minho and Thomas. The camera will pan to the front of the players so the Griever can be seen behind in pursuit. The players must run as fast as they can to escape while the maze begins to change around them. They will need to slide and jump to avoid debris and shrubs while they run. They will be lead to a passageway within the maze where they must reach the end before the timer ends and the walls close on
them. If they successfully reach the end of the passageway, a cut scene will play where the boys squeeze out between the walls while the Griever remains trapped and is crushed. The sun then begins to rise and Minho and Thomas run back to retrieve Alby’s body and take him back to the Glade.

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