The Muppets

The first step was to choose which theme our group would use for the level. After some thinking, we concluded that The Muppets was our best option.

We nearly chose Norse Gods to start with but we soon realised that most of the other groups in our class were using that IP. We then decided that we should probably pick something a little different so our project would stand out a little more.

We debated choosing The Walking Dead for a while but finally decided that it has some very dark themes that would be difficult to translate into a Lego game intended for children. Secondly, the series is based in a post-apocalyptic world and a lot of the scenery is barren. There are a lot of greys and browns which, from a design point of view, would not make for an aesthetically pleasing, fun looking game.

So eventually we settled on The Muppets as it is fun, colourful, child friendly and has a huge range for potential plots and story ideas.

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