The Hairdryer (Chicken In Peril)
The first switch requires a giant hairdryer, you go into one of the dressing rooms on set and are faced with some puzzles.
Honeydew must push a small ladder into a shelf allowing Pepe to climb up and knock down a box containing parts for a portal. Honeydew then builds the portal allowing passage taking you onto the stand with Statler and Waldorf, they don’t notice you but you can then grab the hairdryer parts, go back through the portal and build it on the set outside the dressing room door.
The final note is that if they hairdryer is hit by the player it changes the power, you can use the low setting to get on Beaker’s helmet or the high setting to fly over and rescue the Chicken In Peril.

The Chicken Gun
To get the chicken gun you start with the door puzzle in the top right of the level, it can only be completed by Honeydew and, when completed, opens up access to the vents. Pepe, as a small character, can then enter the vents and follow them around to Swedish Chef’s changing room.
When in the changing room Pepe can open the locked door allowing Honeydew into the room, Honeydew can then blow open the weak wall with his chemicals.
The players may then build the parts of the chicken gun in the main room. Honeydew must load Pepe into the gun and fire him onto Beaker’s helmet.

The Cannon (Gold Brick)
The final part is the cannon. To obtain this, you must have Pepe complete the wall puzzle in the top left of the level. Once through, Honeydew can rearrange the boxes in the puzzle. This will result in one of the boxes being pushed up against the right hand wall. Honeydew can then climb up and push the box containing the cannon parts down to the floor. The players can then build the cannon.
The players then head outside and fire the cannon. They can aim at the helmet, destroying it, shrinking Beaker and completing the level. Or they can rotate it to fire at Bobo the Bear (currently standing guard by one of the changing rooms). Bobo is holding the gold brick but if knocked back by the cannon, he will be knocked back into the room and will drop the brick for the players to collect.

Free Play (Red Brick)
To obtain the red brick the player must return in Free Play. In Swedish Chef’s changing room is a drum kit, returning as Animal will allow you to complete a really fast QTE to open a door and allowing you to collect the red brick.

Once the level is complete, a cinematic will play of Beaker shrinking down into the pool and climbing out covered in green liquid. While Honeydew runs over to him to make sure he is ok, Pepe can be seen in the background laughing and a piece of the ceiling falling on top of him.
It then cuts to the front of the stage with Swedish Chef finishing off his meal, surrounded by a destroyed stage covered in rubble while Statler and Waldorf laugh at the whole situation.

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