We created a storyboard which describes the opening cinematic of our level. The level takes place backstage during a talent show. The idea is that Dr Bunsen Honeydew is doing a live experiment on Beaker. The experiment involves Beaker wearing a helmet and dropping into a pool of liquid which is supposed to react with the helmet and increase his IQ. Honeydew and Beaker are practising backstage while Swedish Chef performs a cooking show onstage. However, when dropped into the pool, Beaker’s body size increases rather than his IQ. Due to his sudden growth, Beaker starts to panic and begins smashing up objects backstage. At various points throughout the level, Beaker will reach through the curtains and smash part of the stage. Completely oblivious, Swedish Chef will continue his cooking show, luckily avoiding Beakers fists every time he lashes out. Hearing the crashing, Pepe comes running through to help Honeydew remove Beaker’s helmet in an attempt to shrink him back down to normal size before he causes too much damage and ruins Swedish Chef’s show.

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