Final 200 Word Level Summary

This level is intended to be part of a larger game and the goal is to find the hidden treasure in the woods. 

Hammergirl begins in town and must first speak to the priest. He has heard that the blacksmith knows about the treasure she is looking for so he directs her to the forge. She goes to the forge and is told that she must collect mushrooms out in the woods. She is then told she must take them to a witch who, in return will give her gems which can be used to open the chest.

Hammergirl must then go out into the woods and collect 10 mushrooms that are scattered throughout the level. She follows the track through the woods, destroying the fallen trees that block her way.

Once she reaches the witch’s house, she is told to drop the mushrooms in the cauldron. The witch then gives Hammergirl 6 gems which she will need in the temple.

Hammergirl must continue along the path through the woods until she reaches the temple. She will walk toward the altar and place the gems on each of the pedestals. She must walk up the stairs, to the chest and she will be able to open it once the gems are placed. This completes the level and would trigger the next level if this was a larger game.

(228 words)

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