Door Puzzle

Following my previous idea for a puzzle leading the player to the final door, I decided to research ‘door puzzles’ in order to gain a few ideas for my level. The majority of the posts online were based on ideas for Dungeons and Dragons campaigns and most of them were focused around riddles rather than puzzle solving. This would be more difficult to incorporate into my level as I have been told I must use UE4 blueprints for line traces and arrays.

As I continued searching, I found a post with the above anecdote. I really liked this idea and thought that leading the player through a number of more complicated tasks before offering them the easiest option would be a good idea. Many people overthink scenarios to find answers when sometimes the answer is right in front of them. I remember being told about a hypothetical problem used in job interviews. The question posed is “how would you fit a giraffe in a fridge”. While most people would answer with a complex way to fold the giraffe or to take the shelves out, the correct answer is to simply open the door and put the giraffe inside. The question does not define any parameters beyond the fridge and the giraffe. The correct answer is the simplest and the interviewer will look for someone who sees through an issue rather than overthinking it and creating new problems.

The basis for this level is that it would be part of a larger game in which the player must solve puzzles by simplifying rather than overthinking. The player will have to find objects or methods to either break the door down, pick the lock or remove the hinges. All of these will eventually result in failure leaving the final option to knock on the door which will allow the player to progress.

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