Final Level Summary

The final level actually turned out to be a lot different than my original idea. This was mainly because the blueprints for my original idea were far more complicated than I had anticipated. They would’ve taken a while to learn and even longer to perfect and I only had 2 weeks for this brief.

The player starts in a small, enclosed room with pillars on either side to guide the player into the main blue hall. Here the player will find a red glowing door and accompanying key. They must pick up the key and open the door to enter the next room.

In the red room, players will walk down some stairs to a perch where they must shoot 10 enemies. Once all 10 enemies are neutralised, the player is safe to jump down to the ground where they will find another key and door glowing in green.

Once through the green door, the player is directed along a narrow tunnel into the green room. Here the player must turn on the lights using the light switch on the wall in front of them. They must then jump between the glowing green platforms and ascend to the top of the room. There are also a number of ways to climb back up to the platforms if the player falls off. To prevent players jumping down and climbing back up further along the route, I have placed various walls and divisions to block their way. At the end of the route are a set of stairs, at the top there is a ledge with a key and a door glowing in blue.

The blue door leads the players into the upstairs of the main blue hall. The upstairs ledges are surrounded by glass windows to prevent the player falling off and having to run around the entire level again. They must climb a small set of stairs to the glowing double doors. Once they have passed through this door, the level is over.

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