3 Week Practical Project


My semester 1 deadline is the 8th of January and, although lectures have finished for winter break, I will continue to work on my MA.

For my submission I need:

– a learning agreement – outlining my aims and objectives of my project so far
– a reflective diary – this blog is a clear reflection to look back on and track my progress
– a body of work –┬áthis blog shows all of the work I have done and will continue to do

Over the next 3 weeks running up to my deadline, I will be creating my own concepts for UI. I have chosen 3 genres of games and I will create a HUD for each. 

Contrary to some of my recent research I will not be adding colour blind versions of these concepts as I hope to tackle this in a project sometime in the new year after further study.

I have 3 weeks before my deadline and I have created an outline of what work should be done on each of these weeks to keep me on track.

Week 1 – UI Layout Research 

To start off this project I will be researching HUD layouts for my three chosen genres to find what is effective and ineffective when it comes to placement and scale. I will be considering:

– what works? 
– how does it work? 
– what doesn’t work? 
– what can I improve on? 

Once I have understood these concepts, I can begin to implement them into my designs. 

Week 2 – Concepts 

I will be designing HUDs for the following genres of games:

– first person shooter
– racing
– action adventure

I will be creating these using Procreate and Adobe Photoshop.

Week 3 – Conclusion 

I will write a short (200 – 300 word) summary of the project and reflect on my work. In my conclusion I will discuss: 

– my opinion on the pros and cons of each design 
– any issues I found when creating them
– anything I would like to learn/explore going forward

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