My First Person Shooter HUD

This is my design for the First Person Shooter (FPS) HUD. I included the key display elements:

Health Bar

The health and armour bars are relatively simple and take inspiration from the original Halo game, where the health bar was segmented. This is to make it easier to read during fast gameplay.

Weapon Type

The weapon type is not specifically referring to the player’s weapon, but to their available utility (flashbangs and grenades). Players aren’t stupid and can easily see what weapon is currently on their screen. A utility inventory, I feel, is more useful to players, especially when strategically planning an attack as it allows them to see the types and number of supplies at their disposal.

Ammo Count

The ammo count is very straight forward and follows the same logic and design as most FPS games.


The minimap is a simple circle. It shows the player character at the centre and shows a field of vision in the player’s team colour. The map shows nearby obstacles in a light grey colour and the traversable area in dark grey. It also shows an arrow which points north to help the player to call out directions and locations on the map. A larger version of the map would also be available when the tab key is held down and this would cover a large portion of the top left of the screen.

Team Information

The time remaining on the round is shown at the top of the screen. Below this is the scores for the orange and blue teams as well as their team symbols on the respective sides of the scores.

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