Valheim HUD

I’ve been working on the Valheim UI for a little while and I have finished my first iteration.

As shown here, I have made a few changes to the layout of the HUD. The minimap has stayed the same but the passive effects have been moved below it. The inventory toolbar has been moved to the lower middle of the screen while sitting below the original stamina bar location. The health bar and stomach have been moved to the upper right corner and I have added an extra shortcut bar in the lower left with the player’s boss ability.

I added viking style dragon figureheads to the UI to make it more thematic while keeping the translucent grey from the original HUD. I found this dragon head design on Deviant Art and I loved its simplicity. ⁽⁴⁾ I have also updated some of the symbols but these may be changed in the future.


I did some research into UI mods for Valheim to see what improvements players would like to see. I found some very interesting ideas which I will be implementing in my design.

The first is called Better UI⁽¹⁾. It is a mod which adds a star system to the level of tools, weapons and armour and a colour changing bar to their durability. I used this concept when designing my toolbar.

The second is called Equipment and Quick Slots ⁽²⁾. This mod adds an armour section to the player’s inventory as well as a shortcut bar for consumables. The bar contains three slots on the Z, X and C hotkeys. I used this idea for my toolbar in the lower left of screen and will use it to improve my inventory menu too.

The third is called Minimal Status Effects ⁽³⁾. This mod moves the player’s current passive effects below the minimap and compacts them into a small list. I have also used this idea to reduce the consumption of space across the top of the screen.


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