Valheim Menus

I’ve been working on the Valheim UI for a little while and I have finished my first iteration.

As shown here, I have redesigned the inventory, the chest and the workbench tabs. 

I didn’t like the wooden texture of the original menus so I kept the translucent grey from the original HUD and added a battle scene in the background. This represents lore in the game that the player is fulfilling a prophecy in which they will destroy the enemies of Odin and free Valheim. I have also updated some of the symbols but these may be changed in the future.


The Equipment and Quick Slots ⁽¹⁾ mod in my last post influenced the change in inventory layout. This mod adds an armour section to the player’s inventory as well as a shortcut bar for consumables. In my design, I included an armour section in the inventory to allow quick access to equipped pieces. I also left slots for Megingjord (a belt which increases players’ carry weight) and the Wishbone (an artefact which glows to reveal buried valuables).

As the game is in early access, it can sometimes be a little difficult to navigate the storyline without referring to the guidebook online. With this in mind, I created a section for quests in order to give the player a little more direction while not breaking immersion. I also made a ‘to do’ tab that allows the player to write a list of personal objectives. I decided this would be useful as, in my personal experience, it can be hard to keep track of all of the little jobs that need doing – especially in group servers when the homestead needs maintaining or there are supply shortages.

The chest is simple but I have swapped the menus so that the chest is now on top rather than below. This will be easier to understand for the majority of survival game players as it is a common order for menus.

The workbench is similar to the original, but as with all of these menus, the main difference is the change in location to the centre of the screen for ease of use, especially on larger screens.

The background of the menus and the quest artwork are not mine and the artists are linked below.


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