Valheim Compendium

I’ve been working on the Valheim UI for a little while and I have finished my first iteration.

As shown here, I have added to the HUD. I have added an arrow to the top middle of the screen. When rolled over with the mouse, 4 menu buttons drop down at the top of the screen. I have kept the symbolism in these the same as the originals. The first is the compendium.

Originally, everything was in a large list but I felt that it would be better to separate the sections into tabs. Therefore I created the effects, messages and tutorials tabs.

The effects tab shows a skill wheel. The active effects appear around the vegvisir. When rolled over with the mouse, passive effects will show their description in the centre of the wheel.

The message tab simply shows the current session’s message log and allows the player to type to other players in the server.

The tutorials tab shows all of Hugin’s tips in one concise list for the player to refer back to find any information given earlier in the game. This list will grow as the player discovers more within the game and will not reveal anything before it is found.

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