Valheim Skills

I’ve been working on the Valheim UI for a little while and I have finished my first iteration.

As shown here, I have added the skills menu. Here the player can see how each of their skills are progressing.

Skills increase based on usage, the more a tool is used or an action is performed, the higher that skill will be. Skills can increase up to their maximum of 100. The large yellow bars represent the skill level, while the red bars indicate the player’s experience in that area. Each time the red bar fills, the yellow bar will increase by 1.

I kept the skill menu relatively similar to the original in terms of layout and colours although I have simplified it slightly to fit with the minimalistic style of my UI. The main skill level bar remains yellow and the smaller experience bar is still red.

The main addition is very subtle. I have added a marking system behind the bars. There are 100 increments in total to represent the maximum level of the skills. For me personally, little touches such as these make it easier to visualise my progress.

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