Dark Souls Inspired HUD

With an MA deadline approaching, I was going through my work and found a couple of HUD designs that I had forgotten to post.

This is my design for the an RPG HUD. I decided to go online and search for game screenshots. I found this and decided to create a HUD with no context or ideas about mechanics. I wanted to focus purely on the aesthetics of my design working with the aesthetics of the game. I included the key display elements:


I created a health, magic and stamina bar in the top left of the screen. I colour coded these with the colours used in other RPG games such as Skyrim. I also used an Asian themed sigil in the corner to reflect the aesthetic of the screenshot.

D Pad

In the lower left corner I created a weapon wheel which corresponds to the D Pad on console controllers. Up on the D Pad lets the player use a fire ability which I referenced from the orange glowing shoulder pads on the player character. The side buttons on the D Pad draw the character’s weapon, a double handed sword which can be seen sheathed on the character’s back. Down on the D Pad is a standard health potion which with increase the player’s health after taking damage.


The lower right of the screen shows the player’s current wealth and how much money they have available to spend on upgrades, items and equipment.

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