Dark Souls Inspired HUD

With an MA deadline approaching, I was going through my work and found a couple of HUD designs that I had forgotten to post.

I decided to go online and search for game screenshots. I found this and decided to create a HUD with no context or ideas about mechanics. I wanted to focus purely on the aesthetics of my design working with the aesthetics of the game. 

I used the Dark Souls HUD as my inspiration. I created health, magic and stamina bars in the upper left, a weapon wheel (console d-pad) in the lower left and a money widget in the lower right. 

The screenshot shows ornate walkways and swords which hints at fantasy themes; while the glowing armour and fragmented braziers show a more futuristic or sci-fi theme. I wanted to balance this by creating a clean and simple design that would balance both themes. I feel like I achieved this with a minimalistic design to the elements. 

The red banners and drapes in the screenshot instantly made me think of Asian culture where red is a prominent colour for success and power. I wanted to bring this into my design so I decided that the player’s sigil in the upper left could subtly reflect this.

Overall I think this design went quite well. I really enjoyed the challenge of working out of context with only game art to work with. I look forward to using this method for more designs in the future.

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