Colouring Menus in Adobe

One of the features of my concept is the ability to change the colour of the in-game HUD. Although this ability has been showcased in a few games, it is not a mainstream feature that is implemented as industry standard. I believe that this needs to change.

The Adobe Suite allows users control over the colour of their workspace. This is as simple as selction from a menu. For today we will be focussing on Adobe Photoshop to demonstrate, however all Adobe programmes operate using the same controls.

The Adobe help page states that ‘the Photoshop workspace is easy to use and includes a number of usability features⁽¹⁾

To change the colour of the panels, users must go to the programme’s menus and select a colour swatch. ‘Choose ‘Edit’ > ‘Preferences > Interface’. ⁽¹⁾ The colour range is limited however as users are only available to choose from a monochromatic palette. ‘[users] can customise the interface to sport one of the following colour themes: Black, Dark Grey, Medium Grey and Light Grey’. ⁽¹⁾


The ability to select colours for panels is already being used in so many creative industry softwares. However I believe that this ability could be expanded on massively with the implementation of an RGB colour wheel. I think that with enough time and resources, this ability could benefit games and their disabled playerbase indefinitely. 


(1) Adobe. (2021). Adobe Photoshop Workspace Basics. 
Last accessed 21st June 2021.

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