Fighter HUD

This is my design for the a fighter HUD with a timer. I decided to go online and search for game screenshots. I found this and decided to create a HUD with no context or ideas about mechanics. I wanted to focus purely on the aesthetics of my design working with the aesthetics of the game. I included the key display elements:

Player Health Bars

The player health bars shows how much damage each player has taken so far. I created a bar colour coded to each player’s character and included the characters’ sigils in within the bar. The bars for each character reside in their appropriate corners of the upper portion of the screen. The total health points are out of 100 (maximum health).

Powerup Bars

As seen in the screenshot, the player characters are performing special abilities beyond melee attacks. Under each of the players’ health bars, I have included a bar to represent the players’ powerups. Each successful hit increases this bar and allows the player to charge up their special abilities. I included a digital readout of this as a percentage too in order to make it easier for players to read during fast paced gameplay.

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