Aims and Objectives

As my MA comes to a close, I would like to reflect on my project. To understand the scope of my research, we must look at the aims and objectives I originally laid out.

My original idea was to explore the concept of a system in which players have the ability to fully customise their own interface. I wanted to include features such as:

– colour wheel selection for each section of UI

– resizing whole panels or buttons

– drag and drop panels to create new layouts

The uses for these customisation options are limitless. It will be accessible to people with disabilities, sensory issues or even colour blindness and will allow them to create a gameplay experience that is both functional and enjoyable.

Live streaming is a huge part of the gaming community and these options will be very useful to streamers when arranging their overlays. This will mean that no elements overlap the camera or subscription notifications. It will even be enjoyable to regular players just for personalisation of their gaming experience.

Gaming is an amazing way to bring people together and to help those who need a temporary distraction from the harsh realities of life. As game designers, I believe that it is our job to provide this and that we should always strive to help as many players as possible to feel included in gaming and the gaming community. With the correct funding, researchers and coders, this concept could become a reality. I believe that the idea could be life changing for so many people around the world who could benefit from the enjoyment of playing games.

Alongside this project, I wanted to explore what makes a good UI and how it is made using industry standard software. My plan was to attempt to create my own interfaces, menus and displays using this software and working to build a portfolio of work in order to pursue my career as a UI designer in the gaming industry.

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