Proposed Outcome

As my MA comes to a close, I would like to reflect on my project. To determine the project’s success, we must first look at my intended outcome in order to make comparisons.

The main outcome I am aiming to achieve for this project is to create a prototype or concept which demonstrates the ability to customise colour, size and layout of an interface. The idea would be based in a customisation menu within the game’s options.

For colour, there would be a set of pre-designed ‘themes’, including a set for each variation of colour blindness. There would also be a colour wheel available to allow players to finetune the colours of individual interface panels.

For size, there would be preset small, medium and large options for quick adjustment for visually impaired players. This would apply to the entire HUD and would scale everything. There would also be an option to select individual elements, such as text, buttons, panels, etc. This would allow players to scale certain aspects and create variation between panels.

For layout, there would be a number of presets designed to offer a variety of recommended options to players. Players would also have the option to drag and drop panels around their screen in order to create a play space that works best for them.

Alongside this, I have been building an understanding of UI and the practices, processes and programmes used in the industry to create interfaces. I am eager to learn enough to make me employable as a UI designer in the games industry and I am creating a reasonable sized portfolio in order to showcase my skills and to demonstrate everything I have learnt.

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