2D Platformer

For this brief I have been asked to build upon a previous project, in which I had created an environment tile set and animated character sprite. I need to make my sprite into a playable character (with the ability to run, jump, double jump and wall jump), create a level design using my tile set; make pickups to collect throughout the level; create elements to cause the player damage and provide a HUD which shows this.

Existing Assets

Here are the existing tile set and character sprite animations that I created. I will be using these for this assignment. The idea for these assets was actually a challenge from my girlfriend. Her favourite animal is an aardvark and so she set me the task of creating a game based on an aardvark called AJ. So here he is…

Original Level Design

These are the original level designs that I developed when I first created the assets. This will obviously need to be adapted to incorporate the new movements and blueprints required for this brief.

New Level Design

This is the new level design and the fully created level. This includes all of the new blueprints and movements required for the brief.

Moving Platform

This is the moving platform for my 2D Platformer. This will move either left and right or up and down depending on one boolean question. This means that the same platform can be used for multiple sections and directions. 

Obstacle (Spikes)

This is the obstacle for my 2D Platformer. This will inflict 25 damage on the player every time they come into contact with it (the player has a total of 100 health). This means that they have 3 chances to hit the spikes before your health is depleted and they must restart. This will be indicated in the HUD.

Pickup (Ants)

This is the pickup for my 2D Platformer. This will add to a counter that appears in the player’s HUD. There is a total of 4 ants in the game and the aim is to collect them all.

Heads Up Display (HUD)

This is the HUD for my 2D Platformer. This will display a green health bar and a counter for pickups. There is a total of 100 in the health bar. This will decrease each time the player takes damage and will turn red once the player’s health drops to 25. The counter displays the number of ants collected in the game. There is a total number of 4 ants in the game and the counter increases by 1 every time an ant is picked up.

Video Walkthrough

This is a video fly though of my 2D Platformer game.

This is still a work in progress and therefore some parts of the level are not fully functional yet. There an issue where collectables are not appearing when playing the game but they still add to the counter in the HUD.