BA (Hons) Blog

Year 3

Game Jam

The class was split into groups of six and told to create a game within three weeks. The theme chosen for us is ‘New Perspectives’.

September 2019

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Year 2

VR Brief

I worked in a team of 5 to create a fun, playable level in VR. As a group we had to create a VR experience that worked on the HTC Vive and did not drop below 60FPS.

May 2019

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Lighting Brief

In this brief, I explored lighting within Unreal Engine 4 and how it can be used to aid gameplay.

April 2019

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Manhunt Board Game

I worked with a team of three other students to reinvent an old game into a playable board game. We based ours on Manhunt.

March 2019

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Design Test

I was been given a brief to create a level in which the player is escaping.

February 2019

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2D Platformer

I created an environment tile set and animated character sprite – with the ability to run, jump, double jump and wall jump.

January 2019

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Door Problem

It was my choice how to plan the environment and layout but I had to design a scenario which involved the player interacting with a door in an interesting way.

October 2018

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Year 1


I made a level in the theme: ‘Hammer Girl’. I used existing assets in order to make the level.

March 2018

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Lego Brief

This brief was for TT Games. I worked with a group of 6 people to design a Lego game level using an existing IP.

February 2018

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Favourite Scene

I created a top down level design based on my favourite scene from a film.

January 2018

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Board Game

I worked with a team of three other students over three weeks to create a playable board game based on The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

December 2017

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Castle Brief

I made a castle using basic UE4 blueprints and box brushes. My castle had to contain a drawbridge and feature architectural elements from real castles.

October 2017

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