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Colour Blind Accessibility in Games

There are a number of ways to ensure a game is easily playable by colour blind players without becoming an expert on the condition.  – ‘Understand where you are using

Colour Blindness in Games

From completing puzzles to distinguishing enemies from allies, colour is implemented for a vast range of purposes in games. So what happens when 1 in 12 men and 1 in

What is Colour Blindness?

As mentioned in the summary of my previous project, I would like to research into the effects of colour blindness on colour differentiation in games. I need to learn more

4 Week Diagnostic Project Conclusion

What I Found  I learnt so much about what makes interfaces look good. I learnt that friction within UI can make or break a game. From matching UI to the

Prototype Redesign of the Sims 4 Main Menu

This is the original main menu from the Sims 4. In my personal opinion, it is far too vibrant and the colours clash, fighting for the player’s attention. The llama

The Community’s Opinion on The Sims 4 Interface

The Sims Community is very vocal about their thoughts and feelings on The Sims games. People often tweet or message The Sims page on Twitter with thoughts on new packs

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