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First Person Shooter HUD Layout

In order to create a HUD for a first person shooter (FPS), I must first look at other FPS games to find what elements are included and how they are organised

3 Week Practical Project

Summary My semester 1 deadline is the 8th of January and, although lectures have finished for winter break, I will continue to work on my MA. For my submission I

Colour Blindness Test

I recently ran an experiment with my classmates and tutors to explore the percentage of colour blindness. On average it effects 1 in 12 (8%) of men and 1 in

Colour Blind Accessibility in Games

There are a number of ways to ensure a game is easily playable by colour blind players without becoming an expert on the condition.  – ‘Understand where you are using

Colour Blindness in Games

From completing puzzles to distinguishing enemies from allies, colour is implemented for a vast range of purposes in games. So what happens when 1 in 12 men and 1 in

What is Colour Blindness?

As mentioned in the summary of my previous project, I would like to research into the effects of colour blindness on colour differentiation in games. I need to learn more

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