Skye: The Misty Isle

Aurora Game Studios
2021 – Present

Skye is a hyper-realistic, survival game set on the isle of Skye during the Viking period. Finding yourself washed up on the shore of an unknown island after your longship sinks at sea, you are left with nothing but your trusted axe by your side.


StarDock Games
2022 – Present

I am currently working on a number of unreleased projects with Stardock Games. I am employed as a freelance consultant and am responsible for creating user interface concepts – blending functionality, usability and aesthetics to create designs for the Stardock team to expand on and implement into their games.

Master of Arts

University of Central Lancashire
2020 – 2021

I started creating my own HUD designs to demonstrate my findings. I chose screenshots from existing games at random and used them as a base for my designs. I decided colour schemes, themes and tones, genre and mechanics based on what was visible in the screenshot alone – rather than any knowledge of the existing game. These pieces were designed alongside my extensive research into customisable UI to improve accessibility for players with disabilities.