VR Brief

For this assignment I must work in a team of 5 in order to create a fun, playable level in VR. As a group we need to create a VR experience that works on the HTC Vive that does not drop below 60FPS. All content must be made by the team so we must keep our idea simple and achievable. The experience must not surpass 10 minutes of play time. We must manage and document our progression.

First Concept

Our first idea was to recreate our university games studio to create a high suspense, horror experience. The plan was to make a virtual version of the studio where the player would have to survive the night after being locked in. This would’ve utilised the location that playtesters will play the VR set as the start and endpoint in order to create another level of immersion.

This idea was soon scrapped due to the sheer number of assets and details we had to recreate within the small time frame we had.

Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers – The Battle of Helms Deep

Our next idea took inspiration from Helms Deep. The player is given a bow and arrows and must defend the castle gate against enemies for a set time. There will be 3 portals that spawn enemies faster the longer the game continues.


My first job was to modular build a castle for the level. I created this as separate pieces in Maya but later merged them into one model to reduce clipping issues for our level designer. 


I also made a couple of decorative assets for the walls that may be destructible for extra arrows.


Next I made a tileable castle texture on Substance Designer.


After my few models and textures, I switched over to blueprints and helped my team leader to fix any problems that were occurring in his level.